Why you need Water Treatment

Firstly, we use water in a variety of ways. For instance, farmers use it for agriculture. On the other hand, businesses may use it to provide water for employees or water vegetation. Above all, all of us drink it and use it maintaining personal hygiene. In short, it is our most vital natural resource. However, not all water is clean. That is to say, most people today live in locations where the water is not ideal. Therefore, residents who receive water from a city or municipal supply need water treatment just as much as those who or receive it from a well system. Subsequently, National Water Service operates with the DC, MD, VA area to ensure residents have access to clean water. 

Why your water isn’t safe

Presently, our water is not always safe to consume or use. To clarify, it is often polluted or has high levels of naturally occurring substances. For instance, many water deposits contain manmade contaminants. Moreover, these pollutants may include chemicals such as bromodichloromethane, choroform, halocetic acids, nitrates and more. In addition, they may also contain Per- and Polyfluoroalkyl substances. 进一步, pollution from these chemicals are known to cause liver damage, decreased fertility, high cholesterol cancer, and other diseases of the like. Therefore, water containing these substances is not safe for consumption.

Naturally Occurring Substances and your water

Moreover, water deposits may also have high levels naturally occurring contaminants. 进一步, these substances are not safe for human consumption in high quantity. For example, some areas may have large deposits of calcium, iron, or lead. Similarly, these substances are also known to cause health problems in individuals when consumed in high quantities. To sum up, chemicals in city water and high quantities natural substances in well reserves are equally dangerous. Therefore, water treatment is a necessity for most people because access to clean water is crucial for human survival.

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As a result, National Water Service is here to help. That is to say, we help deliver quality, great-tasting water for homes and businesses. Additionally, when residents have no water in their home or no water for their business we have solutions. 进一步more, we offer water analysis and water treatment options residents on city and well water. Most importantly, our priority is to help citizens determine and eliminate contaminants. Above all, our hope is to help residents and gain or maintain access to fresh, great tasting, water. Consequently, if you need water treatment or water analysis, please fill out the contact form below. After that, a representative will reach out as soon as possible. Certainly, National Water Service is proud to serve the following locations:



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